8: The Ring of Sky


Summer, 1615.                                                                                   READ AN EXTRACT


The port of Nagasaki is within reach, but the Shogun’s samurai are closing in fast for the kill. So too is Jack’s old school rival, Kazuki. Every road is blocked and every mountain pass guarded as Jack makes his final dash for safety.

But with all of Japan hunting him, he’s going need a miracle to survive. And even if he reaches the end of the road, will there be a ship bound for home? Or will he be burned at the stake first?

Only the Ring of Sky knows his fate...


  • ''Utterly astonishing! I've read the prior 8 books (The 7 main ones and the WBD short story) and I have to say this one picks them up, throws them to the ground and pins them down. It is easily the best in the series. It has action, emotion, amazing sword fighting scenes and some seriously in depth views in to the life of a Samurai/Ninja/Sailor.’ – Aidan, Amazon reviewer
  • A wonderful conclusion to an unforgettable journey.' – Jan Murphy, mother of two avid fans
  • All in all, the series that started with The Way Of The Warrior and ended with this book, is one of the best series which exist.’ – Tim Belgium, Amazon reviewer

Young Samurai: The Ring of Sky - Chris Bradford
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